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Current Project

The Stuarts at Sea
Upmarket novel, complete at 75,000 words; first two chapters forthcoming in Shenandoah

Sisters Winnie and Paige have grown apart as they’ve entered their thirties, but when their father Peter disappears at sea, they’re thrust together to untangle his estate. They have vastly different relationships with Peter, an explorer who’s prioritized his expeditions over his family, and after his assumed death, they clash over how to use their sizable inheritance. Winnie longs to create an Instagram-worthy life for herself modeled after her favorite influencer Chickens and Glitter. Paige, obsessed with climate change, wants to transform a neglected piece of property into a natural utopia. They purchase Birchwood, an abandoned housing development, and eventually they combine their visions.


Just as they become satisfied with what they’ve created together, their father returns. He claims he’s found a previously undiscovered island and survived there for the past six months. Winnie and Paige commit to help him reacclimate to normal life. Soon however, he plans to go back out to sea, a decision with which the sisters vehemently disagree. He wants to prove to the world that the island exists, and he needs Winnie and Paige to sell Birchwood to fund the trip. Now they’ll have to choose whether to support their father’s lifelong dreams or to hold onto the place that’s become their home.

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